Introduction to your DSLR Camera
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Title:  Intro to YOUR DSLR Camera

Length:   4 1/2 hours

Time(s):  10:00 – 14:30

Location:  Lakeside Studio, L’Etang, Bertric Buree 24320


Please contact us for further dates 

Cost:  €65pp (includes training materials, refreshments and light lunch)


Limited to only 6 people. Our workshop is designed for beginners who wish to learn the basics of their DSLR camera and improve their photography.

During our practical 4 1/2 hour workshop you will learn the 6 methods to take control of your camera settings and improve your photography… and of course how to show your images off!

Don’t have a DSLR camera? No problem… you can hire one of our cameras for the day.  Get in touch for more info

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#Introduction: Basic Function:  Learn and understand how to use key buttons and settings on your camera:

  • Aperture settings (F Stops)
  • Shutter Speed
  • White Balance
  • ISO (Light sensitivity)
  • Image Stabilisation

#2 Image Composition: Learn and understand the rules and guides to help to compose your image:

  • Leading Lines
  • Converging Lines
  • The Rule of 3rds
  • Symmetrical and “A” Symmetrical
  • Creating a Centre of Interest 

#3 Lighting Techniques:  Learn different ways to shoot indoor and outdoor lighting conditions using both natural and modified lighting

  • Indoor
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Natural Light vs. Light reflector/Modifiers and Flash 

#4 Planning and Purpose: Getting the most out of your shot and turn a simple subject into a masterpiece

  • Shooting for purpose and planning 
  • Lens Perspective and camera angles
  • Posing 
  • Spontaneity
  • Use of Props

#5 Editing:  Demonstration of editing software

#6 Showcasing Your Images:  Printing and digital options

Course Prerequisites: What do I need?

Fully charged DSLR camera, lenses, memory card, Transfer lead? 

A laptop (optional) (WiFi and power sockets are available – please come fully charged) 

Refreshments and light lunch will be available


15 January

Introduction to your DSLR Camera

January 15, 2019 65,00 There are no ticket available at this time.
13 February

Introduction to your DSLR Camera

February 13, 2019 65,00 This event has passed
05 March

Introduction to your DSLR Camera

March 5, 2019 65,00 This event has passed


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